Research has shown that approx 50,000 employees are suffering from work related stress resulting in 6.5 million sick days per year.

The impact of stress adversely affects productivity and staff retention. With the growing awareness around mental health and the government’s recent commitment to make sure there is “parity” of care with physical health care, it is now widely acknowledged that investing in your employee’s well-being is a key component to a positive working environment and sustainable organisational success.


Providing consultation and advice on common mental health conditions and emotional well-being.

Providing strategies to help employees improve their psychological well-being whilst continuing to perform in their working environment.


Providing support through periods of acute stress or managing and adjusting to organisational change. Helping teams and/or individuals manage the process effectively.


Providing support with team dynamics, interpersonal skills and relational difficulties amongst individuals, teams or organisations.


Providing training on subjects such as assertiveness, communication skills, and mental health awareness.


Short term counselling (approx 6 weeks) with a clear and measurable aim eg supporting people back to work after a period of absence


Trauma can be any experience when an individual perceives themselves, or someone close to them, to be at risk of serious harm or death. Traumatic experiences can trigger overwhelming stress and impede an individual’s capacity to cope and function effectively.

People can be exposed to trauma in a number of different ways either directly as a result of an accident or indirectly as a result of exposure to material eg working with news video footage.

Trauma counselling is a short term and targeted approach to reducing common trauma symptoms such as

  • Heightened anxiety
  • Difficulties with sleeping, focus or concentration
  • Feeling socially disconnected
  • Trauma counselling can help
  • Process traumatic events safely
  • Reduce common symptoms such as nightmares and flashbacks
  • Reduce anxiety levels and manage mood fluctuations
  • Provide coping strategies and practical support
  • Help prevent prolonged psychological difficulties

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