People come to me if they have identified a specific issue they want to change, or if they have a general sense that something is wrong or different.

This could be due to a recent experience, or an ongoing issue relating to something that has happened in the past, but still affecting them now.
Starting therapy can be a difficult step to take and people come to therapy when the time is right for them.

Here are some of the problematic areas I have helped people resolve:

Depression, Anxiety and Stress

  • Helping you cope with and manage your moods and feelings.
  • Identifying the triggers and patterns of low mood and examining the underlying causes.
  • Supporting you to function day to day even when you are feeling depressed or anxious so that your structure and routine doesn’t collapse.
  • Understanding the chemical and physiological impact of stress and anxiety.
  • Identifying any lifestyle factors that can be adjusted to improve mood and anxiety levels.
  • Discussion around pros and cons of medication.


  • Helping you live with grief whilst workig towards accepting your loss. Working through different stages of bereavement.
  • supporting you to move on or have a meaningful existence alongsoside your loss and the feelings arising from it. 

Relationship issues

  • Helping you understand your own patterns of behaviour and the roles you play in relation to others.  
  • Enabling you to change the dynamics for a healthier relationship.


  • Helping people who are ambivalent about their sexuality feel more comfortable with themselves and the way others view them. 
  • Helping you have a fulfilling intimate relationship. 
  • Using concrete techniques to develop a more positive view of yourself as a sexual being. 
  • Looking at how personal expereinces and cultural factors may have influenced your ability to form and enjoy intimate relationships.

Eating disorders and body image

  • Looking at your relationship to food and exploring why it might be a problem.  
  • Understanding and challenging the negative thoughts that are causing disordered eating.
  • Offering nutritional guidance and coaching around eating behaviours. Developing strategies to use if you relapse, so that you more readily return to better patters.


Working with you on harm reduction and prevention for addictive behaviours such as substance abuse, gaming, physical exercise or work.


Helping people feel less overwhelmed by traumatic incidents, including alleviating the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Psychosis and personality disorder

  • Helping you better understand and manage acute mental health problems that you are directly or indirectly affected by.  
  • Support in signposting to other services.

Crisis management and prevention and suicidal support

Supporting you through a particularly traumatic period or helping you to avert a potential crisis. Formulating a support plan that might incorporate psychological, social and practical support and information.

For some people, suicidal thoughts are a way of coping with their current situation with little intention of following through. For others, it is a very likely option, or something they may have tried in the past. I can help you address the emotions and issues that are causing suicidal thoughts whilst working on practical strategies to protect your personal wellbeing. I can support you to consider your choices whilst respecting the choice is yours.

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